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Best Practice In Using e-CRM to C Customer Satisfaction SPG Media 2009
Opex reduction research seriesTelesperienceAutumn 2009


Babworth provides a range of free-to-air, sponsored and subscription content for the ICI industry, including the Communications industry magazine Telesperience.

Ongoing Research

Telesperience Telesperience - the podzine for the telecommunications industry.

microsperience Microsperience - the blog.

Published Research

Best Practice in Telecoms Service Delivery Analysys-Mason Oct 2007
Billing and OSS Trends: the transition to telecoms IT Analysys-Mason May 2007
The Next-Generation Bill: commercial and technical strategies Analysys-Mason Sep 2006
World Telecoms BSS and OSS Markets: trends and analysis Analysys-Mason Apr 2006
As sea levels rise, is the tide turning on telecoms conferences? Innovation Observatory July 2008
How telecoms security Affects the Telesperience? Telesperience March 2009
Telecoms mergers and acquisitions 2008 Telesperience March 2009
Intelligent Buildings:giving shoppers a better telesperience Telesperience February 2009

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